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Are you interested in the benefits of a facelift without the expense or recovery time of a major plastic surgery procedure? A liquid facelift is a nonsurgical procedure at The Skin Shop Medspa Scottsdale that uses a special mix of wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers to add volume and smoothness to the treatment area, revealing a more youthful appearance. The injectable dermal fillers work by adding plumpness to the skin while minimizing fine lines, and the wrinkle relaxers create overall smoothness. To create even more dramatic results, our team can employ the use of other surface treatments, like laser skin resurfacing. For more information, contact our Scottsdale, AZ practice.

Surgical facelifts are an extensive and invasive procedures. For our Scottsdale, AZ patients who are interested in the benefits of facelifts without the invasiveness of surgery, liquid facelifts at The Skin Shop Medspa Scottsdale provide:

  • A nonsurgical alternative for providing a lifted look
  • Safe, trusted injectables that have proven results
  • Customizable results that can be adjusted depending on your goals
  • Age-defying results that boost your confidence

The fillers and wrinkle relaxers used in our Scottsdale, AZ facility are approved by the FDA and have been considered safe to use. The effects of fillers are usually observed immediately while relaxer products could take up to a week to reveal noticeable results. If you are also wanting to undergo additional aesthetic treatments, it may be in your best interest to wait a few days after injections. The longevity of the results depends upon the relaxers and fillers used in the liquid facelift. Some liquid facelift products only last a few months while others occasionally yield results much longer. Patients should come back to The Skin Shop Medspa Scottsdale for scheduled touch-ups to maintain their favorable results.

Made an appointment for my girlfriend and she had nothing but great things to say about Shelly and Cyndie. She'll be back and strongly recommends going here! Also, just sent you an email. Looking forward to your response :)

M.T. Google

I had a great time at my first time in the Skin Med Spa! I got a hydra facial that was way over due, Cyndie did a great job and was very efficient and professional. She even did the light blue therapy on me with a jelly mask that smelled very very good and was cooling. My face wasn’t red after and was very glowy! I will definitely be back next month.

K.M. Google

Cyndie and Shelly both were amazing!! The services they provided me came out great and more then what I could've imagined, they truly do GREAT work! The whole experience was very comfortable as well as personable because you almost feel like you've known them forever. I now have a membership with them and it is very much worth it!

T.D. Google

Cyndie is by far the best in Az. She always does exactly what I need. She also works with my very difficult schedule. She’s like the fountain of youth. Botox amazing,filler incredible, skin care take all my money. Thanks again Cyndie at The Skin Shop MedSpa Scottsdale. Look her up!

J.M. Yelp


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The liquid facelift is a great alternative to facelift surgery and can produce stunning results. Whether you desire volume or smoothness, a liquid facelift may be the best option for you. Liquid facelifts create a stunning outcome without any of the recovery time needed for cosmetic surgery. By combining relaxers and fillers, our staff offers a customized procedure that fits the goals and wishes of every individual patient. For more information, contact our Scottsdale, AZ practice to book a consultation and receive the results you desire.

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How soon can I expect to see results from a liquid facelift?

The effects of the dermal fillers used in a liquid facelift can typically be seen immediately following the procedure. However, the wrinkle relaxers might take up to a week before noticeable results become apparent. If you plan to undergo additional aesthetic treatments, it's recommended to wait a few days after the injections.

How long do the effects of a liquid facelift last?

The longevity of the results from a liquid facelift can vary depending on the types of relaxers and fillers used in the procedure. Some products may only maintain their effects for a few months, while others can occasionally last much longer. Regular touch-ups at The Skin Shop Medspa Scottsdale are recommended to maintain the achieved results.

Can I have other aesthetic treatments done at the same time as a liquid facelift?

While it is technically possible to undergo additional aesthetic treatments, it's generally advised to wait a few days after the liquid facelift. This allows your skin to recover from the injections and for the full effects of the wrinkle relaxers to become noticeable. It's always best to discuss this with your provider to understand what's most suitable for your individual needs.

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