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Do dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles and signs of sun damage on your face bother you when you look in the mirror? We invite you to schedule a skin consultation at The Skin Shop Medspa Scottsdale in Scottsdale, AZ to determine if you could benefit from IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy. An IPL photofacial is a treatment that rejuvenates the skin for adults with hyperpigmentation problems or unwanted lines and wrinkles on their neck and face. A photofacial may be a noninvasive procedure; however, it can be very effective and produce impressive outcomes. A member of our team sends intense wavelengths of light energy that warm the skin cells to ignite the natural healing process and boost collagen production. In time, you should see a healthier complexion with improved tone, decreased dark spots, and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.

IPL photofacials are famous at Skin Shop Medspa Scottsdale for the transforming qualities. A few of the benefits that our Scottsdale, AZ individuals glean from their IPL photofacials include:

  • Improved skin tone and feel
  • Balancing of hyperpigmentation and sun spots
  • Revitalized, transformed skin look
  • Relaxing, aesthetic procedure that boosts your total skin health

An IPL photofacial is performed inside our Scottsdale, AZ office in around 20 – 30 minutes in our minor procedures room if performed alone. To prepare for the treatment, the technician will clean and dry the skin to be treated before covering your eyes with special shields. The IPL photofacial is performed using a handheld device that passes over the skin while emitting light energy pulses. While most patients will feel mild discomfort throughout the IPL, it is usually tolerable for the short treatment length.

Made an appointment for my girlfriend and she had nothing but great things to say about Shelly and Cyndie. She'll be back and strongly recommends going here! Also, just sent you an email. Looking forward to your response :)

M.T. Google

I had a great time at my first time in the Skin Med Spa! I got a hydra facial that was way over due, Cyndie did a great job and was very efficient and professional. She even did the light blue therapy on me with a jelly mask that smelled very very good and was cooling. My face wasn’t red after and was very glowy! I will definitely be back next month.

K.M. Google

Cyndie and Shelly both were amazing!! The services they provided me came out great and more then what I could've imagined, they truly do GREAT work! The whole experience was very comfortable as well as personable because you almost feel like you've known them forever. I now have a membership with them and it is very much worth it!

T.D. Google

Cyndie is by far the best in Az. She always does exactly what I need. She also works with my very difficult schedule. She’s like the fountain of youth. Botox amazing,filler incredible, skin care take all my money. Thanks again Cyndie at The Skin Shop MedSpa Scottsdale. Look her up!

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Even if you didn't worry much about your skin when you were young, skin damage, sun spots, and fine lines develop with age and you may be interested in procedures that improve these common signs of aging skin. We invite you to learn more about photofacial treatments by calling our Scottsdale, AZ office and making an appointment for a skin consultation with a member of our team. With IPL treatments at The Skin Shop Medspa Scottsdale, we can reach the deeper layers of skin to help restore a bright glow and a smooth complexion.

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How can I prepare for my IPL treatment?

Before getting IPL, patients are usually asked to skip self-tanners and excessive sun for about 2 – 4 weeks prior to the treatment. You should stop using certain medications a few days before your appointment, and may be asked to take ibuprofen or aspirin one week before your procedure to help prevent bruising. You should also use sunscreen since your skin will be extra senstive.

How quick are the results from IPL?

Improvements can be seen following each IPL treatment, but final results can be seen about one month after your last treatment. It’s normal for patients to get varying results after every treatment. You will notice a gradual improvement of blotchiness, redness, sunspots, and age spots.

What are the possible side effects of IPL?

Most patients have mild side effects like temporary swelling, redness, crusting, blisters, or bruising. This should go away on its own in a few days. You will be sun sensitive, and you should keep in mind that damaging UV rays can affect your results. We also recommend using sunscreen to avoid issues like redness and spots.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.